Experience 3 tier architecture

There are lot internet information’s on 3 tier architecture. I don’t want to add one more on top of it to spam a Google query! This is only to drow my experience on 3 tier architechure.
Dot NET framework and Visual Studio present many choices for choosing the right architecture from placing the data access code directly in the UI through datasets as well as separating all these code in a reusable component nothing called layers. Like any other developer I also come across to select 3 tiers in my application so want to share my experiences in this. Here I need to come up with an application where the presentation layer needs to extract information from a backend database, the presentation would utilize a series of layers to retrieve the data, rather than having the database calls embedded directly within itself. So that I can use be reused this components as well as will end up an easy maintaince.There may be also chances was there but some of the functionality may later be moved to a smart client application. Portions of an application may be split between a web site and a web or windows service that runs on a server.Likewice so many reasons was there to select three tiers as application architecture for our development. Rather than explain the reason I would like to take you how we went ahead and implemented in our application.
As one of the greatest advantages we have split the layers between developers across the location and started development parallel among 12 member team. As each layer complete with their development we have integrated the code and shaped to complete application! Simple approach right?
For more details and samples please read my blog:



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